Monster Time-Vol2 Exercise 11

Monster Planning Vol2

Monster time continues


This exercise caught my attention in a solving session. Grivas does not comment on the opening phase so I had to add some comments to get a better grasp of the game and then I let Stockfish10 so some checking of the game with some assistance from me. The given solution( the game continuation) is not the top engine choice and some things were missed in the comments to the game. My analysis is by no means complete either but now I don’t really trust the given best solutions. Usually readers have a choice of three plans(A,B and C) with the best plan scoring 50 points.


Exercise 11


Stonewall Dutch

USSR 1987

After 18..g6(Diagram)

This is a bit further on from the planning exercise

The most obvious positional feature is the c-file, and perhaps the kingside dark squares next. Both sides need to complete development but White is ready to double on the c-file

What do you recommend for White?

After 18..g6


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