Premium Pain from the Premium International June 2019

The chore of reviewing games is not that much fun but has to be done.  Here are a couple of games from the just finished June Premium International Open

selected games

Defending 1.e4 c6 is today’s subject



Caro-Kann, King’s Indian Attack


The tournament got off a good start as I held a draw with Black

After 29..Ne7(Diagram)

Black has more space, the better bishop and is well centralized

What do you recommend for White?

After 29..Ne7



Old Indian


This game on Sunday morning was basically a disaster but that is no excuse for not checking the game


After 6.Bd3(Diagram)

Well what can there be to think about at this early stage?

Probably that was the logic that cost me the game

What do you recommend for Black?(and more importantly why?)

After 6.Bd3



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